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Masters of Innovation through Data, Paradigms, and Automation

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MIDPA Technologies® speciaizes in software development, software customization, contract programming, and software related consultation.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Software Analysis and Design using Object Oriented Analysis and Design, various Structured Techniques including Yourdon/DeMarco/Page Jones, Warnier Orr, Jackson. Fuzzy Logic. Database Normalization especially first through third normal forms.
  • Windows Programming using Embardadero's Delphi using ODBC to connect to various manframe and server databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Paradox, MS Access), MS Excel Macros.
  • Unix Programming using SAS, Perl, and shell scripts.
  • zOS Mainframe Programming using SAS and SAS Macros, PL/1, ISPF Dialogs, MVS JCL, CLISTS, REXX, DB2 Database Design and Administration, DB2 Programming using imbedded SQL, QMF, Query by Example, Programming with IMS DB, ADF.
  • Database Design and Administration using (DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Paradox)
  • Project and Product Sizing using Function Points and other metrics.

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